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Features of the character of Haajar (Hagar), the Mother of the Muslims - II

Thirdly, Practical Comprehension and Successful Disposal of Affairs
 All the resources she had were the tree under which she lived, and the well of Zamzam that was the source of water, or we could say the source of life. Allah The Almighty Says (what means): {…and we made from water every living thing.}[Quran 21:30] According to today’s terms, the well of Zamzam was what could be defined as a national asset. How did our mother manage this wealth? People in a caravan that passed her by asked her, “Would you allow us to dwell in your area?” She answered, “Yes, but you do not have a right to the water.” She meant the right of possession of the well. They agreed. That was the first agreement for benefiting from the water of Zamzam. It was concluded by a woman who was all alone in that area. She had management skills. Where did our mother learn Resource Management? To this day, the well of Zamzam continues to run according to this first agreement which was concluded by Haajar. Both visitors and residents drink from the well of Zamzam, but it is still owned by the children of Haajar. What a great and wise mother she was! Our mother spent her life raising her child and looking after her wealth. She was revered and loved. Her son took after her and we, her offspring, have taken after her wisdom, one generation after the other. 
Fourthly: Firm Resolution to Guard What She Had Been Entrusted With and to Raise Her Child
Our father Ibraaheem, may Allah exalt his mention, entrusted Haajar with their son Ismaa‘eel, may Allah exalt his mention. When the Well of Zamzam sprang forth, her responsibilities increased. She cared for her responsibilities as perfectly as could be. How had she been qualified to be such a committed mother and wife? The only qualifications were her wisdom and insight, coupled with her firm resolution that she had acquired from the revelation that Allah The Almighty had sent down to her husband. Her husband prepared her for this responsibility and historical mission. Her resolution was, also, thanks to her aspiring nature and her long, forbearing travel.
Ismaa‘eel, may Allah exalt his mention, was brought up under the care of Allah The Almighty and then under the sight and care of his mother with her great determination. This is a lesson for mothers, especially those who have one son who is hardly safe from being spoilt and able to fulfill the minimum duties of manhood. Haajar, may Allah be pleased with her, managed to raise her son in a way that enabled him not only to fulfill the duties of manhood, but also to be able to shoulder the duties of the mission in a society that he founded and of which he was a pillar. Her success in bringing up her son, Ismaa‘eel, may Allah exalt his mention, was thanks to the Grace of Allah The Almighty who chose him for that mission, and was crystallized in two great situations: his obedience to his father in the trial of slaughter, and his assistance to his father while building the House (Ka‘bah)
Daughters of Haajar, be determined and ambitious!
We see and hear about women who call themselves social activists. Some of them are non-Muslim women in Muslim communities. What motivates these women? They are after power, reward, or self-fulfillment. The roles they play have no roots or branches, even if they do have temporary benefits. Allah The Almighty Says (what means): {And the example of a bad word is like a bad tree, uprooted from the surface of the earth, not having any stability.}[Quran 14:26] There is a common saying, “Anything that is done for the sake of Allah will be sustained and fruitful. Anything that is done for the sake of anyone other than Allah will cease to be, and will be fruitless.” There are women’s conferences that are held every now and then. Some of them are held at the level of first ladies. What have these conferences and societies offered, with all their considerable potential? Have they suggested solutions for current or anticipated problems? Has any of these conferences resulted in anything that is worth being kept in the records of history as anything that is similar to the contributions of our great mother, Haajar, the mother of Salah Ad-Deen (Saladin) or the mother of Muhammad Al-Faatih?
A Godly Mother
The features through which the character of our great mother is shown should be present in the mind of every mother, since our mother is a fundamental and original example that should be followed. She has been a prominent mark in our life since our father Ibraaheem, may Allah exalt his mention, married her and she will continue to be so until the Day of Resurrection. To those women who seek eternity, we present the example of Haajar, who derived her character from truthful faith, strong certainty, courage that overcame all fears, apprehension of reality, successful management of life’s affairs, and a firm resolution to cherish the trust she was given and to raise her child. She is a fine example of the godly Muslim woman.

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